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What Can an
Aggression Control
Program Do for You?
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What an Aggression Control Program IS:

Aggression Control Programs decrease your dog's
aggression through:

dog's aggression, and control the environment to reduce
the triggers that set off the aggression)

  • Redirection (teaching, practicing, and proofing new
    behaviors to a high level of reliability.  This allows you
    to redirect your dog with a new, alternate behavior -
    instead of allowing the natural tendency towards

These programs are tailored to each individual case.

While there is no magic cure for aggression, gaining your
dog's trust and
reliable responsiveness through
changes your life with an aggressive dog from
stressful, unpredictable, and full of danger and liability into a
manageable, predictable, workable relationship.

The truth is, no trainer can 'make' your dog like things he or she is
afraid of, or aggressive towards.  Just like we can't 'make' you like
spiders, snakes, sharks, or anything else that you're afraid of.

There is no 'magic cure' or training program for

...and any trainer who tells you something different  probably
has a few bridges for sale, as well.

In a perfect world, all dogs would get along with all kids, babies,
adult humans, cats, and other dogs.  

But in reality, most aggression cases have very complex causes -
including genetics, past experiences, breed dispositions, individual
temperaments (personality) and more.

That doesn't mean you have to give up on your dog.

But you do have to understand that it is unlikely that ownership of
your aggressive dog will ever be 'easy.'

Owning an aggressive dog requires patience, dedication, and an
extremely strong commitment to your own responsibility to keep
yourself, the public, and your dog safe and in control - at all times.

When you work on an Aggression Control Program with us, you're
learning how to manage, control, and redirect your dog.  We can
show you how to make this tough job more straightforward.
Why are the Aggression Control Programs So
Many of the exercises you'll do in an Aggression Control Program are the
same that we do with every dog we train - so why do you have to pay more?

The higher fees are for your trainer's protection.  In Colorado, anyone
working with animals professionally (groomers, trainers, veterinarians)
cannot seek legal action for being bitten by the animals they work with.

Likewise, should your dog injure one of our demo-dogs, we have no legal

Because of these risks, we collect a higher fee for Aggression Control
services, in case we require medical attention for a bite from your dog.
This training has improved [our dog's] attitude, he still gets onry but we
can calm him and he listens so much better. We are seriously here. They
keep everything safe."
~Andy Helfrich, Denver, CO