Front Range K9 Academy, K9 Counselor, dog training and behavior services in Denver, Colorado
Front Range K9 Academy, K9 Counselor, dog training and behavior services in Denver, Colorado
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Since 1990, we've had the pleasure of working with over 8000 amazing dogs and their families.

To all of our clients:  We want to express how impressed we are with your dedication, your patience and your willingness to try something new with your
dogs.  We are so happy to get to share in your journey of living and communicating with dogs through training.

Never stop trying to improve your relationship with your dogs.  Communication is the key!

Here's what our Satisfied Customers have to say:
Our relationship has improved significantly because of your animal behavior knowledge and training.   

Smokie was a 3+ year old border collie when we got her from the Denver Humane Society the end of October, 2006.  
Immediately after getting Smokie, we realized that she is a very dominant dog and seemed to be aggressive towards other
dogs.  You've been able to help us manage her dominance through proper training and ensuring we are the leader of the
relationship.  We’ve progressed from having an aggressive dog to one that is managed and more of a normal border

Without your advice and support, I don’t believe we would have been able to save Smokie.  Thanks for giving us the
knowledge and confidence to enjoy and appreciate, and have a happier dog.

Reynold, Janet & Smokie Kalstrom
When we adopted him from the Polaris Malamute Rescue in October 2007, Denali seemed like a really sweet dog.  Although it took some “sorting
out" between him and our other Malamutes, we felt like he was going to be a great addition.    A few weeks after bringing him home, though, we
started having some real behavioral problems.  After he attacked me twice, we thought that we were going to have to put him down.
 I didn’t want to
have an uncontrollable 90 pound beast that could potentially hurt my wife or other humans that we came into contact with.

After much soul searching and research, we came across Jennifer.  With all of her experience with aggressive dogs, we decided to see if there was
anything she could do to help us prior to making that last, definitive decision with Denali.  After evaluating him, she informed us that we had a
severely dominant dog that we were “reading” and handling the completely wrong way.  Although there are no guarantees with severely dominant
dogs such as this, she said with we could significantly change his behavior through training and environmental controls.  We didn’t give too much
hope to this working, but we decided to try.

The results have been simply amazing.  We’ve taken Denali through Level 1 and Level 2 training, and we have incorporated Jennifer’s other
suggestions for modifying our lifestyle to deal with a “problem dog” like him.   Since that second attack, we’ve had no violent episodes with Denali in
the last year.  With the increased structure and discipline we’ve imposed on him (through Jennifer’s instructions), he is much happier and calmer
and has integrated with the other dogs incredibly well.  Both of us now feel totally comfortable around him knowing that we’re doing what it takes to
be in control.  I can honestly say that Denali wouldn’t be here had it not been for Jennifer’s help.

Steve and Lara Daniel
When I got my little puppy she was "the cutest thing ever".

Unfortunately I had no idea how I was about to be trained.  Within 6 months I felt like the chewy toy/dog walker.  She regularly wound herself
around me and tripped me up, just completely out of control.  

Needless to say my cute little puppy had become a danger not only to myself but herself as well.  I was more worried about what she would do,
like dart out into traffic, than my own safety.  

All of these issues I knew were not her fault, I had not taken the roll of the pack leader, thus becoming the chewy toy.  Then I was referred  to
Jennifer.  Our first training lesson started off with Mollie once again wrapping around my legs before we even got through the door.

With Jennifer's guidance, and my persistence, I learned how to transition from the chewy toy to the leader, help Mollie learn how to behave on a
walk and in a crowd.  This summer I walked her down the busy Main Street of Telluride with confidence.  I can now walk her off leash without the
worry of her darting out into a busy street.  Jennifer has helped make owning a dog a pleasure instead of a chore.  Now I am complimented all the
time how my 2 year old lab is so well behaved and what a good girl she is.  

Annette Berenson
Danes are very loving, humorous and mischievous - that is why it is so important to have a well
trained Great Dane.

Koda was an abused Dane that had so much potential. Working with Jennifer helped Koda learn
hard work and dedication.

John Leiker
President, Great Dane Assistance League
Jennifer Hime’s Front Range K-9 Academy saved my sanity and my dog!  

I was given a 5 ½ month old Shiba Inu after her original owner was unable to care for her. The first two weeks I thought I was going to lose my
mind and thought I should give her back!  I contacted Jennifer.  I felt an instant connection with her because of her reassuring and calm

She and her trainers talked me “down off the ledge” since I was in a state of total frustration with my crazy, unruly, untrained, energetic, bratty,
snarky, funny dog!  I called her and was literally in tears.  

After only two training sessions, I knew that Jennifer was a remarkable trainer and Takara and I were on our way to being a great team.  

Thank you Jennifer for your knowledge, teaching ability, patience, humor and instilling the concept of responsible dog ownership.  I love my dog
and know you’ve given me the skills and confidence to work with her and train her to be a truly great companion.  I can’t thank Jennifer enough
for all she has done and continues to do.

Kathryn Wirkus
I wanted to give you an update on Ritz and thank you for all your help training her.  She went up for adoption last Thursday and was adopted
the same day.... I don't know who adopted Ritz, but when I returned her, I gave the Dumb  Friends' League a sheet I typed up detailing her
personality and training, and included your info.  I hope whomever adopted her will continue her training, or at least contact you if they have
Thank you again for all your help.  The last week that I had Ritz, all her training really started to click for her.  She wasn't just listening better,
she was actually looking to me for instruction!  She had pretty much master the "heel" command.  I walked her through a crowd of 300+ people
walking towards us, and while she got excited and wanted to say hi to everyone, she stayed right next to my side.  I was also able to walk her in
the "heel" position through PetsMart.  And every time I stopped to look at something, she sat down without me looking at her or giving the "sit"
command!  And I noticed that even when she wasn't officially on "heel", she stayed pretty close to me, and almost never walked on my right
side.  She was even starting to come more consistently and was getting better off-leash.  I could walk her to and from the parking lot off leash
without her running away!

Your training methods really helped turn Ritz into a fantastic dog.  Because of her training, I think her new owners will be able to appreciate her
much more.

Thank you!  I hope to keep in touch!
Kathryn Garner
August 22, 2009


What a life saver you have been!  I remember our first session with Bailey (a Yorkie puppy mill survivor—he had been locked in a cage for an
entire year) and you determined that he was salvageable.  Bailey was one year old and very fearful, timid, aggressive and adorable all
wrapped up together.  I had to my head turned from him so that he didn’t feel threatened by me.  Baby steps and he was soon touching my
hand with his nose, and then he realized that treats were a good thing and he began to take food from me (still not very food motivated).  

I’ve called you many times out of frustration and not knowing which way to turn with him and you’ve talked me through each of our dilemmas
(even when I didn’t know if I could continue to manage this dog).  In 10 months we’ve been through Level 3 training and Fun Agility and what
a different dog he is now.  He is gaining confidence on a daily basis, he loves to do “school”, greets people at the door and settles right down
when they come in, behaves fairly well at the groomers and even wants up in my lap now and then, and is becoming a very well behaved
dog.  We still have some potty issues, but I’ve tried to maintain my patience and he certainly has made great strides in so many other areas.  
I could never have done this without your guidance and support.

Thank you so much!
Conni Smith
-We have done other training and the past, and the training at Front Range K9 Academy has BY
FAR been the best and most effective

-The training at Front Range K9 Academy is practical and has yielded impressive results. Our dog's
behavior has improved dramatically after just completing Level 1.

-The attention and direction from Jennifer at Front Range K9 Academy has been awesome. Our dog
has never been so focused, behaved, and happy. We now know how to handle our dog in any
situation we encounter.

Thank you so much for your help, Jennifer!! This has been such an enjoyable experience working
with you! And I like my new hobby :) and seeing Gretchen's potential. I definitely want to continue on
with Level 2 and eventually some other fun classes. Maybe agility? Thanks!!

Keavy McAbee
June 2016  Before going to Front Range K9 Academy we were losing our sanity and hope in ever controlling our dog or having a good relationship with him. Two previous trainers
had given up on our reactive dog. Jen helped us to understand why our dog has the reactivity problems he has and how to deal with them.  
 After completing obedience 1 he is a
completely different dog, more affectionate, more responsive to commands and no longer destructive. We know that he will never be a completely normal dog and that we have to
take precautions with his aggression but Jen has given us the confidence and knowledge to safely guide our dog through life. Front Range K9 Academy prepares you to be a good
dog handler. She also placed us with another similar dog in classes this helped gain confidence and saved us money.  We will be back for obedience 2!  (Morgan)

October 2016  After my mediocre experience at [a generic training facility] one of my friends recommended Front Range K9 Academy and I am so happy I took my lab there. Not
only did Jen teach me the tools I needed to communicate with my dog, she also gave me a new perspective on what it means to be a dog owner. Our experience was beneficial and
refreshing. I would highly recommend Front Range K9 Academy. (Becca)

July 2016:  I have attended Front Range K9 Academy off and on for the last 5 years.  Jen and the staff continue to amaze me with their expertise and ability to address any
challenge I throw at them!  My relationship with my dogs is infinitely more fulfilling and my dogs are so much happier because we've been trained by the wonderful people at Front
Range K9.  I often receive compliments from strangers when we're out in the world, people constantly notice how well behaved and happy my dogs are.  Thank you Jen and Front
Range K9 Academy!!! (Susie)

March 2016  I brought my whippet pups Luka & jordi in starting with a pup class.  It was one of the greatest experiences for me and my dogs when I would put on their leashes and
head to class they were so excited and I have to admit I was to. Jen is a animal intuitive and kinda wows you with how good she is at her art, infact seeing her at work making such
changes with me and my dogs and the rest of the dogs in the class and really changing life for the better for so many dogs and humans  inspired me in so many aspects of my own
life, not only did my dogs turn into the best behaved pups i have ever had my bond with them is a totally new experience that puts a smile on my face every day. She is a true zen
master of human training in dog comunication so your dog can understand firstly what you really want without confusing them first off.I had more to learn then the dog and by doing
what she said to do in practice at home even when I would mess up in class the dog already knew what to do correctly. Thanks Frontrange k9 Academy ! (Zen)

Feb 2016:  About 5 years ago we adopted Bart, and if it weren't for Front Range K9 Academy, he would've had to have been put down.  At first he seemed just as quiet and sweet
as our other rescued dog, Herbie; three-weeks later, he was a whole different dog, very reactive and aggressive.  Not wanting to give up on such a young dog, who had suffered
much abuse, I queried co-workers for a behavioralist.  Several people pointed me toward FRK9A.  Aside from sounding exactly like what we needed, the location was perfect.  Both
Jennifer & Lisa indicated concern about Bart - he was challenging them right from the start - so we started with individual training.  Three weeks later, Bart had made enough
progress to allow him into a class.  At test time, I nearly cried when he rolled completely onto his back for "Down" (not a Show "down", but a sign of submission which was WAY
more important).

The bonus was that I could go home, work with Bart, then work with Herbie in the same way.  Lo and behold, I found at that I could turn my super-submissive Herbie into a healthy
assertive pup.  A healthy pack!

Training here is not easy, nor cheap.  YOU have to do the homework.  YOU have to commit to learning how to communicate with your dog.  YOU are the key here.  Sure, your dog
will learn to sit, stay, come, and so on, but those commands are merely by-products of good communication.  If YOU aren't willing to put in the work, neither will your dog.

It has been over 4 years since Bart & I trained with Jennifer, and I still run both dogs through their paces.  Bart continues to improve, and visitors still comment on how different he
is from when we first got him.  Jennifer save Bart's life, and enriched our home.  (Carrie)

October 2015:  If you are looking to learn how to communicate with your dog, Front Range K9 Academy is the place. Every class is a true experience. A natural and gifted
teacher, Jennifer knows how to connect humans and their dogs. I never once felt as if I was simply "getting through" a lesson; instead, I left class each week with an appreciation for
the human-dog bond, and plenty of tools to help me understand how to live with an anxious dog. When you sign up for a class, you are signing up for more than a series of
lessons. Seriously, the community that emerges in class is inspiring and welcoming. Every day I witness the results of Jennifer's work. If my dog could speak, she would thank
Jennifer profusely! (Cynthia)

October 2015:  I enthusiastically recommend Front Range K9 Academy. I adopted a 5 year old Red Heeler/Boxer mix from a shelter that had very minimal and inaccurate
information about her background and behaviors. I was unprepared to handle her anxieties and reactivity. Jen's guidance was invaluable. She worked with us one-on-one for
several weeks, giving me the tools to understand my dog's behavior and respond appropriately. When we were ready, she found a small class with dogs that would fit with my dog's
temperament. We worked hard in Level 1 and Level 2 - both in classes and at home - and it has paid off. With Front Range K9 Academy's help, I am confident dog owner, able to
guide my pup out of situations where she will fail and advocate for her when other dog owners don’t have control or aren’t paying attention of their dogs. As a result, my dog is
significantly less anxious and reactive. She knows what is expected and works hard to anticipate and respond to direction. This is the best dog training resource around. Spending
the time and money to work with my dog was the best investment I made after adopting my dog. Thanks, Front Range K9 Academy, for all the help, encouragement, and direction!

October 2015:  I really enjoyed the time I spent taking classes at Front Range K-9 Academy with my red heeler mix! The style of training is highly effective, doesn’t rely on treats
or bribes, and I got more out of it then I ever expected. Since Jennifer is also a dog behaviorist it really comes through in her training and helps give a better understanding of your
dog, dog body language, other dogs, ect. The small class sizes really made me feel like it was tailored to each of us in the class. In the end my dog gained confidence, did things
the first time I told her, and we had a much greater bond. I would recommend K-9 Academy to anyone!   (Sarah)

Sept. 2015:  Jen is an amazing trainer. I met her over 10 years ago when I was completely lost with what to do with my 8-month old cattle dog/lab mix foster puppy. The puppy, Ritz,
was extremely intelligent and equally unruly. We began private sessions with Jen and in just a few weeks Ritz became a well-mannered, attentive dog who could heel while walking
through a large crowd. And I'm not exaggerating. I could leave food on the coffee table and Ritz wouldn't touch it. If I left the door to my apartment open, which I did daily, Ritz knew
the doorframe was her boundary and would not go past it.  All this was accomplished by practicing Jen's training techniques with Ritz for 30 minutes per day (which could be done
in one block or two 15 minute sessions throughout the day).  Jen's techniques are second to none.  She clearly loves dogs very much, understands them, and knowns how to
communicate not only with the dogs but with their owners.  I have also recommend Front Range K9 Academy to friends who have had equally amazing success with their dogs.  
Anyone who wants wants a well-behaved pup needs to contact Front Range K9 Academy.   (Kathryn)

Sept 2015:  I have had nothing but great experiences with Front Range K9 Academy. My yellow lab and I took the first obedience class and all three of our dogs took another class
together. Jennifer's approach to obedience class is completely different than the classes I have taken with dogs earlier in my life. I learned and the results followed. I highly
recommend any of the classes that Front Range K9 Academy offer. (Kyle)

Sept. 2015:  Our dog Smokie was a 3 year old Border Collie when we rescued her from the Colorado Humane Society.  We could tell she had a mind of her own, and we knew we
needed help to manage her high energy and some issues she seemed to exhibit.

Jennifer did an evaluation of Smokie and based on those results and her knowledge of the Border Collie breed, she created a plan for us.  She helped us become better pack
leaders, helping us keep Smokie safe and us in control as leaders.  She worked with us to be clear and consistent in our communication with Smokie.

Because of Jennifer, her passion for animals, and her guidance, Smokie had a happier and fuller life.  Her expertise, advice, and training for us and for Smokie was very successful
in allowing us to have a wonderful life with our dog/family member. (Reynold)

August 2015: I have taken several classes at Front Range K9 Academy with Jennifer. My first Great Dane was abused and very scared. Doing obedience 1 with her made her
more confident and helped build our bond. The following year we did obedience 2 to keep her challenged and that only increased her confidence. We also did a fun tricks class
during the winter months to keep this energetic girl busy and had a blast! I love the methods used and the human-focused training. You learn how to read your dog and
communicate what you want from them. Anyway can bride a dog to sit with food, but classes at Front Range K9 Academy help you learn to communicate with your dog so you don't
have to rely on bribes.  (Ali)

August 2015:  Give these people your money...seriously.  We have used front range k9 academy for our chocolate and yellow labs and honestly can't imagine how crazy our dogs
would be if we hadn't.  We went through level 1 and level 2 with both dogs and it was amazing.  Jen and Lisa are both incredible people and incredible dog trainers.  I have
recommended several friends and they have had great experiences also.  These ladies know what they're doing! (Motion Chiropractic)

August 2015:  I cannot recommend Jennifer and Front Range K9 Academy highly enough (in fact, I've recommended them to complete strangers my dog and I meet on our
walks).  I am so thankful I started training my fabulous dog at about 5 months old, she's an incredibly smart and high energy heeler mix and had I not had the tools to help direct
that energy in a good way I think she would be a little terror by now.  My dog and I have completed two levels of obedience plus some fun classes and my dog's eyes light up at the
mention of heeling, she actually loves to sit and pay attention and come, how many people can say that?  Everyone at Front Range K9 Academy knows dogs (and people) so well
and truly want to help you build a better relationship with your furry family member.  (Rachel)

August 2015:  Jennifer Hime is a fabulous person and dog trainer.  She is fun, funny, smart, kind, sensible, practical, experienced, knowledgeable and serious about the well being
of dogs.  She is passionate about creating a safe environment for dogs and their owners both in the training arena and world outside.  I have trained two dogs with Jen -- three
levels of obedience training and also fun sports classes.  My daughter has also trained her dog with Jen.  She is a keen observer of both dogs and owners and offers innumerable
and valuable tips in addition to the core obedience training skills.  Her training technique/program is gentle and yet very, very effective.  I’ve been to other trainers with clickers or a
tougher approach and none have been as good and effective as Jen.  Her program works and works without yelling, clicking, scolding or humiliation.  The program is amazing.  
Sure, I know her program by now, but I’d still take a new dog to train with Jen just for the pure pleasure of working with her -- the dogs love her too.  I absolutely endorse Jen and
her training program at Front Range K9 Academy. (Julie Ann)

August 2015:  Jennifer is the best dog trainer that I have had the pleasure of training my 2 current furbabies and 1 past furbaby.  She gives great examples of different situations
that you can have and the solutions that are best for you and your dog.
Jennifer is very detailed oriented and is always willing to show the lessons with your dog if you don't understand or your dog doesn't understand you.
Would highly recommend Jennifer and Front Range K9 Academy (Susan Parker)

September 2013:  I am a 120 lb girl with a pitbull mix and a mastiff. We meet with Jennifer, who with 23 years of experience, is not only incredibly knowledgeable but also kind,
funny, and all around amazing. We were attacked by another dog while we were walking on leashes and unfortunately my pit mix has been showing some signs of aggression
towards certain dogs on walks since then. Jennifer is helping me understand their fear and what I can do about it so that no one ever ends up in a bad situation. We are also
learning to run on treadmills for those super nasty days and improving our general manners. I would recommend Front Range K9 Academy to anyone who is looking for help with
anything from basic commands to behavioral issues. Especially anyone with a bully breed as they have quite a bit of experience working with them and view them as the wonderful
dogs you and I both know them to be. I cannot rave enough. Check them out, I am sure you will love them as much as we do. :)  (Ashley)

April 2015:  I have been a using Front Range K9 Academy for about 8 years with two different dogs. Jen and her team are the absolute best. I can't recommend them more highly.
Jen was a huge help with our first dog so when we got another pup three years ago,  we, of course, called Jen again. I wouldn't go anywhere else. We got a Bernese Mountain
Dog, and he was a big puppy even at 10-weeks of age. We enrolled in puppy class and began the process right away. Jen was always available to me by email or phone with any
questions I had. Especially since our little guy was a big bitter, I called on her a lot to help me find ways to re-direct his teething to something other than me. I always appreciated
her accessibility and also her humor. Jen is one of the funniest people. My husband and I used to crack up at our weekly lessons. I feel after all these years, we have become
friends. I think very highly of her skills and feel she is a very knowledgable. We continued our training with Level 2 and we took a holiday manners class. Both were hugely helpful
to keep our big dog in control. Our dog has responded well to her methods and is a great dog. I couldn't have gone through this without Jen. I still want to do an agility classes. I
think my dog would love that. (Jamie)
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