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Success Stories:

"Two previous trainers had given up on
our reactive dog."
 ~Morgan Herbruck

"About 5 years ago we adopted Bart, and
if it weren't for Front Range K9 Academy,
he would've had to have been put down."

~Carrie Olgeirson

"We have done other training and the
past, and the training at Front Range K9
Academy has BY FAR been the best and
most effective."   
~Keavy McAbee
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Co-founder and #1 Demo-Dog.
Gone, but never forgotten.
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"Front Range K9 Academy
saved my sanity & my dog!"
~ Kathryn Wirkus, Denver CO
"This is the best dog
training resource around.
Spending the time and
money to work with my dog
was the best investment I
made after adopting my
Kacie Mulhern, Denver CO
Dog Training Secrets that teach you to STOP your dog's embarrassing,
annoying, destructive, or aggressive behaviors.
Over 8000 dogs trained.

We've trained over 8000 dogs of all breeds,
sizes, and temperaments.

Imagine having the dog you've always
dreamed of:

  • No more being embarrassed by having
    the 'bad' dog in the neighborhood.

  • No more worrying whether your dog is
    going to hurt someone.

  • No more being ashamed of your pooch
    when guests come to your house.

  • No more being dragged around behind
    a pulling machine!
Are you ready to start having a better life with your dog?  
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30 Years of Professional Dog
Training Experience.

We've been helping dogs and their families
since 1990.

No matter what kind of training your dog
may need, we can help.

From puppy training to problem solving and
aggression control,
trust the trainers who
have the experience and knowledge to
provide you with the right training solutions.

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new clients during the
Covid Pandemic.  Call
Imagine a dog that listens to you - even in the face of other dogs,
squirrels, cats, and more.
Let's face it.  You got a dog for a reason - to enjoy life with a pooch!  Companionship.  Exercise.  Security.  A hiking buddy.  
A friend for the kids.

  • Does your hiking buddy run off after every rabbit, deer, or other hiker and dog on the trail?

  • Are your kids are afraid of the new puppy because of all of her nipping and jumping?

  • Are your shoulders aching after every walk because your pooch is dragging you around like a rag doll to every tree,
    fence, fire hydrant, and blade of grass?

  • Can't leave your dog home alone without worrying about him destroying the couch, the blinds, the carpet, the door
    frame or worse?  Not to mention the complaints by the neighbors about him howling for hours when you leave!

  • Can't trust your dog around strangers - or guests in your house - or other dogs because you're worried about his

It doesn't have to be this way.

Whatever your reason for getting a dog - if things aren't going exactly like you planned, Front Range K9 can help.  

In our local, small, personalized sessions,
we'll show you how to stop the nipping, jumping, barking, lunging, pulling,
house soiling, destruction, anxiety, and yes - even aggression.